Prosper Together: Share Taxes, Share Revenue

Holders GET back 0.5% of Buy Tax
0.5% cut of the 1% Buy Tax is converted into $BUSD rewards for all holders every 24 hours. Based on the number of token holders and the number of tokens each holds, this 0.5% will be divided equally among the holders.
How to claim the $BUSD reward?
  • Step 1: Hold at least 2000 $MAI tokens
  • Step 2: Users will receive $BUSD reward after every 24 hours automatically
Holders GET 20% revenue-sharing from our AI Art Generator Service
Our AI Art Generator policy rewards token holders with 100% of the Premium package (in the next phase) fees. As a bonus, all the fees collected will go directly to our $MAI token holders.
Holders GET 20% revenue-sharing from Ads Service on MatrixGPT bots
Our Bots not only showcase the art generated by our app but also run advertising campaigns for other projects and tokens. $MAI token holders will receive a 50% share of the fees charged for these marketing efforts.

Invest long-term in $MAI and benefit from triple earning potential!