Private DAO

By giving token holders a say in the direction and development of the project, MatrixGPT DAO is a truly decentralized and democratic platform.
MatrixGPT DAO is our private DAO that empowers our token holders by granting them a voice, a vote, and the power to make decisions through a transparent process.
$MAI holders have the right to cast their vote on key aspects of the project, including event schedules, future partnerships, growth plans, technology updates, governance structure, and more. The voting process takes into account the proportionate ownership of the entire DAO, based on the total number of tokens held by each member.
All investors in the $MAI Presale will have access to MatrixGPT DAO with a range of benefits, such as free tokens, early access to other projects, an AI Diamond package, and the ability to become governors of the protocol alongside the founding team.