AI-powered NFT Collection

MatrixGPT is creating an AI-powered NFT collection to stay ahead of the impending dominance of AI No-Code NFTs in the Crypto and NFT markets.
The collection is created with MatrixGPT’s No-Code NFT creation features an easy-to-use tool with advanced capabilities such as rarity settings, multi-character support, automatic saving, and export to GIFs. This NFT art generator and smart contract deployer will save artists hours of effort.
Comprising 10,000 NFTs, this collection merges the creativity of both AI and human artists. The NFT is limited in number but UNLIMITED in the BENEFITS for holders:
  • Available for trading to earn on NFT Marketplaces
  • Staking for rewards with a generous annual percentage rate (APR)
  • NFT as the pass to gain access to our private DAO
  • Special perks for holders at future events