A profitable token utility in MatrixGPT that allows investors to earn passive income by holding and "staking" $MAI token. By participating in staking, you not only help secure the network but also receive rewards for doing so. With staking, investors can receive regular payouts without having to actively trade their assets.
Our staking platform also gives the $MAI token automatic staking options with a high APR level in the market, up to 1000%. It is guaranteed that the $MAI token never leaves your wallet. Stake $MAI to Earn $MAI, and watch your wealth grow while supporting the growth of MartrixGPT.
  • Staking Fee: 2%
  • Early Unstaking Fee: 5% (2% is burnt, 3% is sent to the Reward pool)
To stake $MAI, simply connect your wallet via the different wallet extensions available on our Staking website. Then choose the total number of $MAI you want to stake with. Each staked amount has a different ROI.
To claim your $MAI rewards, ensure your wallet is connected. Your dashboard will show you details on how much $MAI you have earned and are therefore withdrawable.